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UWT Level Control – Silo Management

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UWT Level Control – Silo Management

Efficient silo management for

smooth process flow

UWT Level Control brings us a multifunctional unit, which is perfect for discontinuous level monitoring, especially in bulk goods. The Nivobob® 4000 has been revamped to include a Modbus function, allowing an easy connection to visualization systems.

For inventory management, and an economic management solution for silos, this controller has advanced electronic technology.

When running a plant operation, you need to know that your measurements will be accurate, and in particular, when there are demanding conditions.


Here are a few of the features:

  • Centralized content level monitoring is possible
  • Best suited for industrial plant with storage processes
  • The Nivobob® is mounted on each silo so that continuous level monitoring can take place
  • Each comes equipped with a Modbus interface, so that quick connection is possible to the visualization system
  • The Modbus register means that all aspects of the operation is transparent, recording the operating status and all diagnostic parameters
  • Areas that are measured are: pending replacement intervals, content level, sensor status, operating time, and other very pertinent aspects the operator will need
  • Nivotec® is the visualization software used, and is license-free
  • Data can be accessed remotely any time of the day, ensuring the processes are running smoothly at all times
  • Perfect planning is possible, which results in a cost savings
  • Installation time is also reduced using Daisy-Chain-Wiring


We at Morton Controls are very excited that UWT has responded to the requests and demands for a solution for silo management, that is both cost effective and time saving.

For full specs and to order this amazing controller, contact Morton Controls.

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