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UWT Level Control – Celebrating 40 years!

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UWT Level Control – Celebrating 40 years!


Quality – Reliability – Flexibility


That is what UWT is all about, and we, at Morton Controls, are very proud to be associated with UWT for those very reasons. In addition, they celebrate, this year, 40 years of supplying high quality sensors to the world.

For the bulk solids and liquid plants, UWT supplies content measurement and level limit sensors. They built themselves up from a small family run business to a company that is known the world over. UWT head office is in Germany and have very successful sales offices in a few other countries, namely UK, USA, India, China, and now in Russia.

UWT has always believed in producing and delivering high quality products utilising their technical expertise and particular way of building good relationships with all their suppliers, partners and customers alike.

Brand names like Nivobob®, Rotonivo®, and Vibranivo®, as this proves that they are focused on their methodology of flexibility, reliability and quality.


A few of their popular products



Rotonivo CSM-rn3000 Rotary Paddle Switch

Vibranivo CSM-vn1000 Vibration Fork Switch

Mononivo CSM-mn-4000 Vibration Rod Switch


UWT has strived to expand their portfolio by ensuring they have the right certifications in place, the most important one ISO 9001:2015 and others ATEX, EHEDGE, FM, CSA, and INMETRO.

The CEO, Uwe Niekrawietz, is very passionate about his employees, and believes that happy and healthy employees can achieve so much more than we know. That is also on par with how Morton Controls thinks and how we run our business.

Morton Controls has been one of UWT’s suppliers for a few years, and are always eager to see what innovative solutions UWT will develop, as well as what new industries they will include.