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Morton Controls are your premier agents for Anderson-Negele's exceptional range of hygienic sensors and measuring equipment in Southern Africa. With our extensive expertise as representatives, we are dedicated to providing you with top-quality solutions for all your hygiene process control and automation needs. By choosing Morton Controls as your trusted partner, you gain access to Anderson-Negele's cutting-edge technologies and our expertise in your various applications. We possess in-depth knowledge of the South African market and operate throughout all the SADC  countries, thus providing comprehensive guidance and support.

Anderson-Negele is a global company specializing in the development and production of sensors and measuring equipment for hygienic applications innovative products of high quality for over 35 years and recognized as a pioneer of hygienic measuring equipment and conform to standards such as 3A and EHEDG and FDA.

Anderson-Negele manufacturing sanitary instrumentation and sensors for industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech. They provide a wide range of solutions for process control and automation, particularly in the field of sanitary instrumentation such as sensors, transmitters, temperature probes, pressure gauges, flow meters, and control systems that meet strict hygienic requirements. These instruments ensure accurate measurements and maintain strict hygienic requirements in sanitary conditions in various processes.

The Sensors and Transmitters are used to measure and monitor important process parameters such as temperature (TSMF&TSBF), pressure (L3A &P41), point level(NVS &NCS) continuous level (NSL-M & LAR), flow (FMQ & FMI), conductivity (ILM-4) and turbidity (ITM-51 &ITM-4). These instruments are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of hygienic processes and are constructed with materials that are compatible with sanitary requirements to provide accurate and reliable measurements while maintaining sanitary conditions.

Anderson-Negele develops process control systems that integrate their sensors and instrumentation to provide complete solutions for process automation. These systems can monitor and control various parameters in real-time, ensuring optimal process efficiency and product quality. These solutions may include software platforms, communication interfaces, and data logging devices.