Morton Controls

Complete Solution for Thickeners in Mining (Applications)

Morton Controls

Complete Solution for Thickeners in Mining (Applications)

The Challenge: Do you know if your Thickener is operating as efficiently as it could? Struggling with high solids in the overflow or unknown bed levels? We have a tried and tested solution to assist you with all these metrics to gain the accurate control required.

Our Solution: The UWT Nivobob 3300 is used for accurate bed level control and feedback.

This is a simple, robust and extremely low maintenance, and highly repeatable solution that

will not interfere with the rake and can give multiple measurements in one cycle. Couple this

with the Quadbeam Suspended Solids measuring system to measure the solids rising from

the bed as well as the overflow, and thus a complete monitoring solution for Thickeners.

The electro-mechanical measuring principle combined with the 4-beam working principle of the

S40 & S20-IMM sensors of the Quadbeam system will ensure a simple accurate measurement.


Features: UWT NivoBob for Sludge Bed Interface Level Measurement

– Suitable for the continuous level measurement of

sludges and solids in liquids.

– Continuously reliable measurement results.

– Flange mounting.

– Measuring range up to 30m.

– Version with improved corrosion resistance for chemical and salt applications.

– Sensitivity is adaptable depending on sediment density

Quadbeam System for Thickener overflow and Sludge monitoring:

– Ensure your thickener flocculants are up to spec and the overflow does not contain solids that should remain

in the bed.

– Get real-time online data for your thickener overflow and know what is going on inside the process.