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Quadbeam Technologies – Separator Control Application

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Quadbeam Technologies – Separator Control Application

In the dairy industry, it is most critical to ensure that the separator process is accurate for efficiency and increasing yields. Unexpected high solids loading can lead to nozzle blockage leading to product variation, downtime and operator intervention. Quadbeam Technologies offers a range of sensors to improve performance and control of separators.

The range of sensors on offer are:

The S10, S20, S40, and T30, which best operate with the MXD73 or MXD75 transmitter.

If you are looking to improve your accuracy on solid separation and want to save time and money, look to Quadbeam’s separator control applications.

Where to position your sensors for best results?

Concentrate, centrate, and in-feed lines are the best positions for the sensors. This will produce optimized results.

The Centrate line is the most common position, and here higher than desired solids concentrations can be identified early.

The Concentrate line is also a good position, as one can calibrate with the plant lab, producing accurate and immediate data.

What about installation?

Installation could not be easier, and you get to choose from two options – either into 3” expansion spool using a 3” triclover fitting, or direct into a minimum 3” line.

Further reasons to use Quadbeam’s Separator Control Application:

  • The sensors will not drift like single beam non-compensated sensors, due to the four beam technology
  • It is accurate and reliable to the point that you can use it as a process control tool, and not just a process indicator
  • The returns on using this sensor show in the reduction in waste, increase in yields, and improvement in product quality

For full specification and details on the Quadbeam systems please contact Morton Controls soonest.

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