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Anderson-Negele – CIP Cleaning

Avoiding cross-contamination has never been easier 

Food-borne diseases and bacteria are a real concern when you are running a plant or factory dealing with various forms of food, beverage and bio-pharma systems, and using the same machines. While all businesses have cleaning-in-place systems (CIP) to ensure that the machinery is cleaned in between processes, there is always that possibility that its not 100% clean.

Anderson-Negele understands the concerns, and have turbidity (ITM-3) and conductivity (ILM-4) sensors to manage these issues.

The traditional methods require a strict step-by-step timing process, which greatly rely on human intervention. Besides human error, there is also the loss of product and wastage of energy, water and chemicals.

Automating the CIP process with Anderson-Negele’s ITM-3 and ILM-4 sensors takes the stress away and ensures an efficient and reliable outcome.





Time Saving

Most CIP’s take between 60 and 90 minutes. With an automated system you can drastically reduce this production down time. A more productive plant can be realised just by applying one of these turbidity and conductivity meters to your processes.




Water Saving

There are certain media, such as pasty types, that need considerably more water for cleaning, than viscous media. The problem is that with general CIP the same amount of water is used for all media cleaning. The automated process control using conductivity and turbidity sensors from Anderson-Negele will be able to monitor and reduce water usage.

Product Losses can be minimised as well

Stats show that, most times, the milk losses in large dairies edge on 0,5% and in smaller plants, a staggering 2,5%. To bring these losses down, an automated system has proven to bring about a 5-10% reduction in these losses, especially using the Anderson-Negele Turbidity Meter ITM-3, shown below.

In addition, Anderson-Negele has a report “Achieving high savings potential with turbidity meters”, contact Morton Controls to realize these savings, and we will send you this report, or scan the code below.

Should you be interested in the any of the product offerings from Anderson-Negele for CIP/SIP Cleaning, please make contact with us at Morton Controls.

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