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Quadbeam can help to increase yields and profit

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Quadbeam can help to increase yields and profit

The S20 Immersion Suspended Solids Sensor can assist with this.

When you realise how high the international milk solid prices are, you will be thanking Quadbeam for their S20 Immersion Suspended Solids Sensor, that is if you purchased it.

MXD Transmitter

What is the problem with wastage?

To reduce process waste, decrease the cost of waste disposal, and increase yields, you want to be utilising this phenomenal sensor from Quadbeam. With leaking and fouling a real issue in a dairy plant, as well as the unexpected halt in the process due to a worn hatch seal or valve seat, one can see the benefit of having an instrument that monitors this.

Quadbeam’s S20 sensor is calibrated to the product it needs to monitor, with installation taking place in the plant drain, as this is generally where flow is monitored. For pipe installation, the S20-3HY is ideal, and where there are exposed weirs or flumes, the S20-IMM will do the job perfectly.

S20HY Sensor

How does it work?

Alarms are set on the transmitters or in the plant system, and because Quadbeam uses a four beam method, the instrument self-compensates, generally not requiring any intervention or cleaning.

What kind of returns can you expect?

As this instrumentation is set up to save product and increase yields what kind of returns can you expect?

Across New Zealand, monitoring of wastage in milk solids and other dairy products is becoming a regular process. In South Africa, the trend is on an upturn, and the S20 can save you hundreds of thousands of Rands, as it monitors to detect leaking pumps, valves and silos long before a maintenance check takes place.

Take a look at these example graphs showing you two scenarios for a Powder Plant Drain over a 1 and 7 day period.

Should you be interested in the S20, please make contact with us at Morton Controls.

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