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What is the NSL-F Level Sensor used for?

In metallic vessels up to 3000 mm and process temperatures up to 140°C/284°F for continuous level measurement, the NSL-F sensor is ideal.

What are the benefits of the new NSL-F?

  • The NSL-F replaces previous products, namely the NSK-157, NSK-358, offering more benefits.
  • This sensor is based on the new modular device platform, which is where you will receive higher flexibility in individual sensor component assembly, using the building-block principal.
  • The newer instrumentation offers the reliability factor, especially when working with foaming and strong adhesive media
  • Even with pasty and alternating media, you will find that the metering processes can be smooth and very reliable
  • Sometimes, with foaming media, you will see that other sensors may not indicate when the tank is empty, but with the NSL-F level sensor, the indication response is immediate
  • The large Interface Display is very user friendly
  • The minimum product conductivity is typically 50 μS/cm
  • The process connection can be adapted using CLEANadapt



Should you have an application for the NSL-F from Anderson-Negele, please make contact with us at Morton Controls.

TELEPHONE: 0861 000 393


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