The exclusive partnership between Quadbeam Technologies and Morton Controls shows the South African Dairy, Food & Beverage, Mining, Water and Wastewater Industries, just how serious we both are about providing quality products.

With its routes in New Zealand, primarily catering for the Dairy Process Industry, Quadbeam Technologies manufacture and develop Suspended Solids and Turbidity Sensors.

The story behind how Quadbeam came to be is an interesting one, and essentially was brought about by the need for a sensor that covered a few key areas, namely, not drifting due to contamination, not leaking through lenses, and able to produce data that was meaningful.

This was back in the 90’s and since then Quadbeam has evolved, producing sensors for other industries, Mining, Wastewater Processing, Food and Beverage, Stormwater Control, and Raw Water Intake.

Through Morton Controls, here in South Africa, one can measure and analyse Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity applications, using the likes of the MXD 75 and ssd20W sensors.

Further, Quadbeam Technologies use advanced optical technology for TSS and Turbidity measurements, in harsh industrial process environments. Their ranges cover NTU,FTU,EBC,ppm,mg/L or OD.

We look forward to more from the innovative team at Quadbeam Technologies and are proud to continue our exclusive partnership with them.



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