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Morton Control’s Product Brief – Sensotech –  LiquiSonic® Plato

Morton Controls

Morton Control’s Product Brief – Sensotech –  LiquiSonic® Plato


For use in the beverage industry, the LiquiSonic® Plato inline analytical technology works well with wort boilers, wort coolers, filtration, blending, filler and mixed and soft drinks processes.

The LiquiSonic® Plato system is an inline analytical system based on most advanced technologies. By the precise and temperature-compensated measurement of the absolute sonic velocity the concentration of different liquids, e.g. original gravity, extract or alcohol, can be detected.

Depending on the specific application, LiquiSonic® Plato consists of one or more intelligent sensors and one controller linked by a bus cable with each other. Investment costs are comparatively low, in particular, for a maximum of four sensors combined with only one controller suited for almost any distance between the individual measuring points.

Advanced production and calibration processes do not only enable highly accurate measurement results, but also the extremely comfortable operability of the system.

Using the latest digital signal processing technology ensures a highly accurate and fail-safe measurement of the absolute sonic velocity and concentration.

In addition, integrated temperature sensors, a sophisticated sensor design and the know-how resulting from numerous series of measurements and many applications guarantee a high reliability

of the system with a long lifetime and minimum maintenance efforts. 


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