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UWT solution in animal feed

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UWT solution in animal feed

UWT solution in animal feed – Capacitive measuring sensors are the all-rounders amongst limit switches as they have the highest application performance in the basic version. They can be found in overfill protection as well as the demand and empty indicators in process or storage vessels as well as in leakage monitoring and interface detection and can be used in all tank types and shapes, regardless of whether the vessels are metallic or non-metallic. Due to their high sensitivity & compactness, they are particularly suitable for the different process requirements of the feed industry.

 A well-known animal feed manufacturer implemented the Capanivo® capacitive level detector from UWT GmbH within its mixing tanks for blending processes. With its reliable media detection and short reaction time, the sensor helps to ensure the correct mixing proportion of the individual components, the homogeneous distribution, and the lasting quality of the end product.

Precise media detection with adherent raw materials

During animal feed production, similar processes occur in all production sites, such as within the mixer. An important step is the mixing of flour or pellets with liquid raw materials such as molasses, vinasse, oils, fat, or choline. The Capacitive sensors offer optimum support for the detection of filling levels in material handling processes due to their high compatibility for different process containers. The material to be inspected can have a completely different nature depending on the processing stage and can impose different requirements on the measuring technique to be used.

With 40 years’ experience and more than 1 million successfully solved applications in the area of bulk material measurement, UWT GmbH provides smart solutions with a new capacitive sensor series in applications for liquid measurement. The devices are equipped with potted electronics and work with the innovative “Inverse Frequency Shift” technology. They have a robust, certified design and offer smart solutions for all liquids, pastes, and foams. Through the variation of versions with cable, rope as well as rod and tube extensions, the sensors can be easily adjusted to the respective vessel conditions and can also be used for interface detection in liquids.

The animal feed manufacturer installed the integral version of the capacitive Capanivo® CN 7100 limit sensor. When touched by a medium, the sensor reacts to the change in capacitance on the probe arm, whereby a signal output is then switched. The universally applicable two-wire switch is particularly suitable for limited space conditions due to its unique compact design. Besides the version with connection cable, a housing version and a complete plastic version are also available. The CN 7100 guarantees a safe flow of media within the mixer despite vibrations and the fact that some of the liquids are viscous and adherent, which is compensated by the integrated “tip sensitivity”.

With its reliable media detection and short reaction time, it helps to ensure the correct mixing proportion of the individual components, the homogeneous distribution as well as the lasting quality of the end product. Approximately 50-100 kg liquid components of various liquid media are added to about 3 tons of solid content, in the mixers. These are injected into the mixing container within one minute by a special injection device. For this purpose, the various liquids are injected from storage tanks or mobile containers (GRP), with a pressure of up to 5 bar, into the mixing container via a distributor attached to the mixer. The Capanivo® CN 7100 level switch installed in the distributor ensures both that the liquid intended by the control system is present in the distributor (= media detection) and at the same time is available in sufficient quantity, thus guaranteeing the correct and quantitative supply to the various formulations.

A challenge of the plant is that only one distribution device is attached to the mixer. This is fed with the different liquids one after the other, pressure is built up and from there the liquids are then distributed to injection lines and pumped into the mixer at different points. The design of the sensor used implies food-conforming materials and is universally applicable. It detects all liquids with the highest degree of safety even if the previous liquid still adheres in one layer to the sensor and inside the distribution device and is only rinsed out by the subsequent liquid. All these requirements are met by the UWT Capanivo® CN 7100.

Capacitive Capanivo CN 7
Capacitive Capanivo® CN 7

Capacitive Capanivo® CN 7 as housing version, with connecting cable and as complete plastic version

• Limit level and medium detection in containers, filling funnels and pipes

• No metal tank wall / reference electrode necessary (e.g. measurement in plastic possible without problems)

• Reliable media detection also for interface measurement

• Detects and ignores foams (depending on setting)

• Very short response time (<1s)