UWT GmbH has been partnering with Morton Controls for a few years now, and we are always amazed at their ability to produce products to suit most applications.

They are a world leader in manufacturing measurement technology, for detection and monitoring of levels, and limit levels in any kind of bulk materials and solids.

UWT recently told us about a project they took on and we thought it a good idea to share to show how innovative and determined these folk are.

A leading copper manufacturer in Laos, who is also one of the largest copper suppliers in the Southeast Asian region, needed a reliable point level detection as a backflow switch for a conveyor belt handover station. The problem? The area surrounding the application was very dusty with vibration. UWT Level Control had a solution and recommended a robust rotary paddle switch and a Rotonivo® RN 3002 with rope extension. This was installed promptly, which has increased tensile strength and a dust-proof housing. The devices provided very precise level limit detection, as the sensors were unaffected by build-up of adhesion, and worked well with the PNP electronics.

UWT Level Control has a motto, “Solutions – Install and Forget” – which means you can literally walk away, confident that the level sensor has been successfully implemented into your process.

With technology in Level Control, UWT stands the test of time, an expert team always striving to find better Solutions.

We are proud to be associated with UWT GmbH.

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