Morton Controls

Morton Controls – The Simplistic Approach

Morton Controls

Morton Controls – The Simplistic Approach


Morton Controls, an evolving company year in and year out. From the first step into the Instrumentation world 21 years ago, they have represented some of the leading suppliers in the instrumentation field and forged lasting relationships with them.

But, even before Morton Controls arose, Ian Morton, the founder and owner, was involved in the industry.  Ian started off on the electrical side and organically moving towards instrumentation.  His initial interest was piqued when he tried his hand as an electrical assistant for a friend’s father, after leaving the army, and from there, his passion grew.


Morton Controls has developed strong connections with a few top key players in the Instrumentation industry.

They have an exclusive distributor arrangement with Quadbeam Technologies and Sensotech GmbH, and are in a representation partnership with Anderson-Negele and UWT Level Control.

Local links span to ABB Instrumentation, Bailey & Mackey, Lapp Group, IFM Efector, and Techfluid.

Across the spectrum of industries, from mining to steel,  pharmaceutical to chemistry, dairy to brewing, water to effluent, Morton Controls can offer solutions of various applications for your business.


With their uncomplicated and holistic outlook on the industry and products, they aim to always be seen as the number one go-to by their clients.

Morton Controls believes in offering a simplistic approach to applications for their clients, and always responds promptly to queries.  With a knowledge base that collectively stretches over almost 30 years, Ian and his team are able to offer their expertise and products for most process applications.


Ian Morton

The owner of Morton Controls, Ian, believes in getting very involved in the day to day running of the business; always out on the road, and preferring to handle client queries and issues face to face.

John Basson

Ian’s right-hand man, John, handles the operations of the company.  John has proven to be a valued ally and a great source of knowledge over the years.

Chantel Van Rensburg

Chantel, the boss of finance, has weathered the storm with Morton Controls for many years, and holds up the fort too when it comes to industry knowledge.

These pillars are supported buy a great internal and external sales team.

For all your instrumentation and level control needs, connect with the team at Morton Controls today.