UWT LEVEL CONTROL – The Industry Award “Industriepries 2017″

At Morton Controls, we are always very proud when one of our suppliers achieves a milestone.

Just recently, UWT Level Control was awarded the “Industriepreis”, which is given to the most innovative and advanced company, in the industries of medical technology, automotive and their suppliers.

Companies with high values in technology, economic, social, and environmental areas were awarded the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH”, a very prestigious acknowledgement.

A panel of 30 professors and trade journalists, decided that UWT deserved the award of BEST OF 2017 for their RFnivo® 3100 with anti-corrosive PFA coating level limit switch.

A little background on the solution, that UWT developed, came from the need for a more accurate measurement instrument, particularly where dust from aggressive media occurs. Mediums such as acids, heavy metals, and sulphur oxides, can cause inaccuracy, as well as time delays, and a drop in revenue down the line.

The RFnivo® 3100 capacitive level limit switch works in conjunction with the process to extract the dust of flue gases. The material used in this switch is corrosion-resistant, and coated with PFA Teflon®. Certain sections of the process connection thread are made of PTFE, meaning that all component parts are completely corrosion-protected.

You are looking at a longer-life product, which in time will save you money.

For more info on the RFnivo® 3100 with anti-corrosive PFA coating level limit switch, reach out to us at Morton Controls, and we will be happy to assist.

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