Morton Controls

Sulfuric Acid Production with SensoTech LiquiSonic‘s®

Morton Controls

Sulfuric Acid Production with SensoTech LiquiSonic‘s®

Inline analytical technology for; Concentration, density, process control & acid dilution.

LiquiSonic® is an inline analytical system for determining the concentration of liquids directly in the production process. The analyzer is also used for phase separation and reaction monitoring. Sensor installation within the product stream means an extremely fast measurement that responds immediately to process changes. 

User benefits include:

– optimal plant control through online and

real-time information about process states

– maximized process efficiency

–  increased product quality

–  reduced lab costs

–  immediate detection of process changes

– energy and material savings

–  instant warning of irruptions in the process

water or process liquid

–  repeatable measuring results

LiquiSonic‘s® state-of-the-art‘ digital signal processing technology guarantees highly accurate, fail-safe measuring of absolute sonic velocities and liquid concentrations. Integrated temperature detection, sophisticated sensor design, and know-how from SensoTech‘s extensive measurement history in numerous applications promise users a highly reliable, long-lived system. 

Advantages of the measuring method are:

– absolute sonic velocity as a well-defined and retraceable physical quantity

–  independence from conductivity, color, or optical transparency of the process liquid

–  installation directly into pipes, tanks, or vessels

–  robust, all-metal, gasket-free sensor design with no moving parts

–  corrosion-resistant by using special material

– maintenance-free

–  use in temperatures up to 200 °C (390 °F)

– accurate, drift-free measurements

– stable measurements even amid gas bubbles

– controller connection capacity reaching up to four sensors

– data transmission via fi Fieldbus (Profi bus DP, Modbus), analog outputs, serial interface Ethernet