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Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 Ex

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Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 Ex

Measuring can be so simple: Sensotech’s sensors have no moving parts that can wear out or age, they are completely maintenance-free and feature a robust and completely enclosed design that does not require gaskets, moveable parts or “optical windows” to the process.  The Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 covers all these bases.

Sensotech do not compromise on materials: the standard version of their sensors are made of stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (SS 316Ti). Sensotech also offer special alloys, such as Hastelloy, Titanium and Tantalum or various plastic coatings for chemically aggressive substances that require corrosion protection measures.  Sensotech’s Immersion Sensor 40-40 is available for different applications.

The measuring method is independent of conductivity, colour and transparency of the liquid and has excellent reliability. The user achieves an accuracy between 0.05 % and 0.1 % by weight. In addition to the sonic velocity measurement, all LiquiSonic® sensors have an integrated temperature measurement.

Sensotech 4040

Typical applications are:

  • concentration and density measurement
  • phase interface detection
  • multi-component analysis, e.g. in gas scrubbers and neutralizations
  • monitoring of polymerization
  • crystallization processes

The Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 Ex is perfect for all applications in hazardous areas.

Here are the features:

  • Can withstand temperatures between -20 °C to 120 °C
    with an option up to 150 °C
  • The pressure level is standard from 16 bar up to an optional 500 bar
  • The material is made from stainless steel or hastelloy, but can be purchased in titanium, tantalum, zirconium, monel and others
  • The standard process connection is the flange DN 50 or the ANSI 2”
  • The process housing is the IP65
  • The diameter of the sensor head & bar is 40 mm
  • The standard immersion length is 92 mm, but can be increased to between 150 mm and 2000 mm
  • Sensotech’s Immersion Sensor 40-40 Ex is explosion proof

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