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SENSOTECH – In liquids, we set the measure

Morton Controls

SENSOTECH – In liquids, we set the measure

Morton Controls are proud to announce we are now the sole agents and suppliers for SensoTech GmbH in Southern Africa.

With their headquarters in Magdeburg-Barleben, Germany, SensoTech have been application specialists for over 20 years for inline analytical technology.

Their bench mark has been to produce quality analytical instrumentation covering the following bases:

  • Their project management is database-supported with a standardized documentation process
  • Their production planning is always precise and the manufacturing documentation detailed
  • Their installed parts components can be clearly traceable
  • And, their service processes are extremely structured

All SensoTech products offer either a form of Measurement, Analyzing and/or Monitoring outcome.

Measuring can be so simple: The sensors have no moving parts that can wear out or age. They are completely maintenance-free and feature a robust and completely enclosed design that does

not require gaskets, moveable parts or “optical windows” to the process.

“LiquiSonic®” is the determination of the concentration of liquids, performed via inline measuring systems.

Morton Controls will be offering their industry-specific complete systems, namely LiquiSonic® Plato, LiquiSonic® OCM or LiquiSonic® Lab.

SensoTech LiquiSonic® analytical systems precisely detect and monitor the concentration of all types of liquids – whether it is the original gravity of beer, the composition of cleaning and treatment baths in the steel industry, the sugar content of beverages or the concentration of solutions, acids and alkalis in the chemical industry You are able to determine the actual concentration value immediately after installation and activation. A field calibration feature allows you to adjust the measurement results to match

your reference standards.

LiquiSonic® Controller

The LiquiSonic® controller specs:

–        management of measuring data

–        connection of up to 4 sensors

–        trend chart, limit value control, product switch

–        password-supported user management

–        varied interface options

–        connection to higher-level systems possible

LiquiSonic® Sensors


The LiquiSonic® Sensors features:

–        rugged sensors for a precise and fast density and concentration measurement

–        absolute sonic velocity as a well-defined and retraceable physical value

–        contact less measuring method independent of color, conductivity and transparency of the process liquid

–        installation directly in main pipes or vessels

–        material: stainless steel DIN 1.4571

–        corrosion resistance by using special materials like tantalum, hastelloy, halar

–        drift- and maintenance-free

–        temperature range up to 180 °C or 200 °C

–        use in explosion proof areas

For more information on the SensoTech product, please contact Morton Controls through one of the following mediums:

TELEPHONE: 0861 000 393