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THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY – Critical Monitoring is Needed

Morton Controls

THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY – Critical Monitoring is Needed

Did you know that Morton Controls supports and are suppliers to the Life Sciences Industry too?

A little on the Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences industry, namely that concerning botany, microbiology, biochemistry, biology, zoology, and physiology, requires a high level of regulation.

Acquiring the correct instrumentation that is both reliable and accurate is of utmost importance in this industry.  Morton Controls, with the support of Anderson-Negele, who are leading manufacturers of many engineered products for this purpose, provide those industries with such quality products.

With the ability to control all areas of the design through to manufacturer and distribution, Anderson-Negele can ensure a high level of performance from their products.

Why accurate monitoring is required

Anderson-Negele with the Sanitary by Design exceeds the onerous sanitary requirements of the various sections under the Life Sciences banner.

When it comes to these vital and critical areas, pharmaceutical and personal care applications included, which we all rely on daily to be accurate and precise, Morton Controls confidently know they can rely on Anderson-Negele instrumentation.

For a comprehensive list of the temperature, pressure, level controls and instrumentation specific to the Life Sciences industry, please contact us.

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