Quadbeam MXD75

PRODUCT FOCUS – Quadbeam’s MXD75 Multichannel Transmitter – Surface Mount

The MXD75 is an innovative and sophisticated multi-channel transmitter that can have up to 3 sensors running independently in any combination of Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Conductivity, pH/Redox & DO.  The clear LCD display will show you all three.  5 tactile feedback, micro-switched, silicone buttons help make interface simple and easy to use.

The base model includes a 2-relay and a single 4-20mA output. They can be expanded to 6-relays and 6 isolated 4-20mA outputs.

Intuitive menu structure makes for easy set up and calibration. And, measurement Units are NTU, FTU, ppm, mg/l, g/l, %, EBC or OD. These can be selected and displayed.

The calibration is a simple two point, or up to 10 point, linearization.

With the capacity to include Electrodeless Conductivity sensors into the mix of analysis means it is possible to make significant efficiency improvements to processes like CIP.

The relay and digital inputs allow for great flexibility, coupled with the Cleaning function, and make sensor cleaning set-up simple.

In what industries can this transmitter be used?

  • Dairy Processing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Waste Water Monitoring and Treatment
  • Mining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Industrial and Chemical

Contact Morton Controls to find out more on this innovative sensor.

TELEPHONE: 0861 000 393

EMAIL:  sales@mortoncontrols.co.za / ian@mortcon.co.za

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