Product Focus – The Rotary Paddle switch Rotonivo® RN 3004

The Rotary Paddle switch Rotonivo® RN 3004

with horizontal tube extension for point level measurement


In the rubber industry the applications are very demanding and UWT can offer custom made level control solutions as per each client’s requirements.   For easy maintenance, durable ruggedness and reliable quality, the Rotary Paddle Switch Rotonivo® RN 3004 is perfect.




The environment could be extremely dusty, which is normal in the rubber factories, and an automated fill level measurement is required in a few carbon black storage silos.

What can UWT recommend?




The Rotary Paddle Switch Rotonivo® RN 3004 is perfect for such extreme environments and requirements.  The special bearing and sealing in the tube is suitable for dusty situations.

Let us take a closer look at this switch.


Here are the technical specs –

 rotovino specs


  • The switch is perfect for most bulk solids
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable
  • Not affected by caking, electrostatic charging and dust
  • A compact installation process
  • The die-cast aluminium housing is very robust
  • With a wide range of supply voltages and process connections, you are spoilt for choice
  • RoHS compliant
  • The boom is durable and rugged, including a protective tube
  • The switch has received international approval to be used in high explosive environments, such as where dust exists


Measuring Vanes Available

 rotovino vanes

Should you have similar needs in your rubber factory, contact Morton Controls today.

uwt rotovino

Solutions with the Rotating Paddle Switch Rotovino

The Rotovino from UWT is a real All-Rounder!

For point level measurement within different processes, UWT can supply an extensive range of high quality rotary paddle switches.

  • Weighing
  • Storing
  • Dosing
  • Mixing
  • Cooling
  • Crushing
  • Packing

Dependent on your need, the Rotovino from UWT can be used for either full, demand or empty detector in storage silos and process vessels and is suitable for most solids.

Where extreme conditions are the norm, the electromechanical measuring principal can be adapted to accommodate.

What does the Rotovino protect against?

  • Overfill safety-device
  • Dry-run protection


What are the situations the Rotovino can provide solutions for?

  • Extreme process temperatures of -40°C and up to +1,100°C
  • Aggressive and abrasive media
  • Very light materials such as Styrofoam
  • Material prone to caking
  • Dusty environments
  • Explosive environments
  • Heavy mechanical loading
  • Electrostatic charging


What are the special features of the Rotovino from UWT?

  • The Universal Voltage Electronic
  • A Fail-safe alarm
  • A wide variety of configuration options
  • The Modular design
  • A very robust design
  • Variable extension lengths
  • Adjustable sensitivity (>15g/l)
  • And, private label design is possible


Safety first with UWT’s Rotating Paddle Switch Rotovino

UWT has ensured that they have International approvals for use in gas and dust hazardous areas.  Their RN 6000 is the world‘s first rotating level limit switch compliant to SIL 2.  And, in addition, they have encased it with a flameproof housing.

For more on the Rotovino from UWT, please make contact with Morton Controls today!


History Around Coal Mining

We love a little bit of history, and coal mining has an interesting tale to be told.

One of the largest mining industries, mining for coal started out in the 18th century and boomed all the way to the 1950’s.  Although maybe not as huge as some other mined commodities, coal is still a valuable form of energy for open-pit extraction.

Interestingly, tunnelling into the earth to pull the coal was the initial method, but had to be stopped due to the perilous vapours that were emitted (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphite) deadly to say the least.

The sensors now used in the coal mining process have helped with detecting these harmful vapours and have progressed from the mining’s canary method.

What is the Miners Canary?

If you know mining, you would have heard of this amazing story.  Very simply, miners would take a canary in a cage down with them as they descended. Canaries were known to be very sensitive to odourless vapours, such as carbon monoxide, and they would show effects of distress, rocking from side to side, before falling off their perches.

While not a very animal safe procedure, it was known to have saved many human lives.  After a time, the canary method of detection was stopped as it proved not to be as effective as they assumed it was.

In steps the Pellistor

The Pellistor was introduced as a catalytic sensor and was able to detect a very wide range of toxic vapours and flammable gases.

Due to limitations, such as malfunction when exposed to chemicals with chlorine, sulphur, halogen, and any metals containing silicon or lead; as well as high costs to maintain the pellistor, this method was withdrawn.

Infrared LED-based Gas Sensor

The more modern and more effective method is the infrared LED – based Gas Sensor.

The advantages of this method are:

  • A wider measurement range
  • A rapid response rate
  • Background gases do not affect the gas sensor, as it did with the Pellistor
  • Each gas can be detected and measured separately

UWT Level Control’s Measuring principles for level detection / level measurement

The measurement methods that UWT distinguish between are, Level Detection and Continuous Level Measurement.

Level detection is used to measure a predefined fill level, and continuous level measurement is the continuous checking of the level of the medium in a silo or a hopper.

The different measuring principles which are used in the field of level measurement technology are explained here in detail.

UWT’s Level Detection Measurement Method

Level detection is used to avoid overfilling or downtime in silos and containers.  Level limit switches are also used as spillage detectors in pipes or for the measurement of levels in interface applications.  The switching point depends on the installation position of the sensor and its configuration.  The information is analysed and transmitted via a digital signal to the control unit directly or via a fieldbus.  Other operations and alarms such as a filling stop and start, or demand signal can thus be triggered.  Level switches are used in solids, liquids or sticky media.


UWT’s Measurement method – continuous level measurement

Continuous level measurement,  the constant determining of the fill level, is already built into many silos, containers or process vessels, in order to implement optimum material logistics. For these measuring applications various factors such as silo and vessel geometry, sensor mounting position, the properties of the medium such as flowability, bulk density, conductivity, moisture, dust and adhesion all play a role and must be considered when selecting the right measuring principle.



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WHO AND WHERE? A brief look into the brands and industries that Morton Controls supports

One of the core values that Morton Controls has lived by, over the past 21 years, is treating our clients and suppliers as we would like to be treated. We integrate honesty, integrity, and innovation in all our business dealings. And, this can be seen by our track record with clients, as well as the top-drawer list of suppliers we deal with.

Each brand has been carefully selected and we have always looked for certain values in each before signing up with them.

As our core business offering is instrumentation and process control, this is what most of our supplier’s supply. As the years have gone by, Morton Controls have branched out into more industries, as have our suppliers.

Here is a list of the industries Morton Controls can supply process measurement and control level systems for:

The brands that Morton Controls utilise, to provide instrumentation for these industries, are:

The actual process control instrumentation we can source from these brands, for those industries, are:

As we grow and engage, Morton Controls will increase these lists, but always with our mission in mind, “To build long-term relationships with our customers and clients, and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through integrity, innovation, and advanced technology.”

For more information, please contact us through one of the following mediums:
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UWT LEVEL CONTROL – The Industry Award “Industriepries 2017″

At Morton Controls, we are always very proud when one of our suppliers achieves a milestone.

Just recently, UWT Level Control was awarded the “Industriepreis”, which is given to the most innovative and advanced company, in the industries of medical technology, automotive and their suppliers.

Companies with high values in technology, economic, social, and environmental areas were awarded the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH”, a very prestigious acknowledgement.

A panel of 30 professors and trade journalists, decided that UWT deserved the award of BEST OF 2017 for their RFnivo® 3100 with anti-corrosive PFA coating level limit switch.

A little background on the solution, that UWT developed, came from the need for a more accurate measurement instrument, particularly where dust from aggressive media occurs. Mediums such as acids, heavy metals, and sulphur oxides, can cause inaccuracy, as well as time delays, and a drop in revenue down the line.

The RFnivo® 3100 capacitive level limit switch works in conjunction with the process to extract the dust of flue gases. The material used in this switch is corrosion-resistant, and coated with PFA Teflon®. Certain sections of the process connection thread are made of PTFE, meaning that all component parts are completely corrosion-protected.

You are looking at a longer-life product, which in time will save you money.

For more info on the RFnivo® 3100 with anti-corrosive PFA coating level limit switch, reach out to us at Morton Controls, and we will be happy to assist.

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UWT LEVEL CONTROL – Silo Management

Efficient silo management for

smooth process flow

UWT Level Control brings us a multifunctional unit, which is perfect for discontinuous level monitoring, especially in bulk goods. The Nivobob® 4000 has been revamped to include a Modbus function, allowing an easy connection to visualization systems.

For inventory management, and an economic management solution for silos, this controller has advanced electronic technology.

When running a plant operation, you need to know that your measurements will be accurate, and in particular, when there are demanding conditions.


Here are a few of the features:

  • Centralized content level monitoring is possible
  • Best suited for industrial plant with storage processes
  • The Nivobob® is mounted on each silo so that continuous level monitoring can take place
  • Each comes equipped with a Modbus interface, so that quick connection is possible to the visualization system
  • The Modbus register means that all aspects of the operation is transparent, recording the operating status and all diagnostic parameters
  • Areas that are measured are: pending replacement intervals, content level, sensor status, operating time, and other very pertinent aspects the operator will need
  • Nivotec® is the visualization software used, and is license-free
  • Data can be accessed remotely any time of the day, ensuring the processes are running smoothly at all times
  • Perfect planning is possible, which results in a cost savings
  • Installation time is also reduced using Daisy-Chain-Wiring


We at Morton Controls are very excited that UWT has responded to the requests and demands for a solution for silo management, that is both cost effective and time saving.

For full specs and to order this amazing controller, contact Morton Controls.

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UWT GmbH has been partnering with Morton Controls for a few years now, and we are always amazed at their ability to produce products to suit most applications.

They are a world leader in manufacturing measurement technology, for detection and monitoring of levels, and limit levels in any kind of bulk materials and solids.

UWT recently told us about a project they took on and we thought it a good idea to share to show how innovative and determined these folk are.

A leading copper manufacturer in Laos, who is also one of the largest copper suppliers in the Southeast Asian region, needed a reliable point level detection as a backflow switch for a conveyor belt handover station. The problem? The area surrounding the application was very dusty with vibration. UWT Level Control had a solution and recommended a robust rotary paddle switch and a Rotonivo® RN 3002 with rope extension. This was installed promptly, which has increased tensile strength and a dust-proof housing. The devices provided very precise level limit detection, as the sensors were unaffected by build-up of adhesion, and worked well with the PNP electronics.

UWT Level Control has a motto, “Solutions – Install and Forget” – which means you can literally walk away, confident that the level sensor has been successfully implemented into your process.

With technology in Level Control, UWT stands the test of time, an expert team always striving to find better Solutions.

We are proud to be associated with UWT GmbH.