Red Meters

Product description

The Red Meter is an inline measurement instrument that takes continuous readings which are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations by its integrated computer and then displayed on screen and can be output to third party systems.

The Red Meter is more than just a sensor. It simultaneously measures multiple variables and records data to provide real time analytics. It uses a general purpose computer and software, which enables the Red Meter to be flexible for each individual process and application. Built to be a window into your process, the way you utilize the Red Meter and its data can be designed around you.

Core Benefits & Capabilites

Measures entire volume of material

Does NOT obstruct or redirect flow

Does NOT induce a pressure change

No regulatory restrictions or safety concerns

Evaluates liquids, slurries and dry bulk

Material process characteristics

Operates at any flow rate in any direction

Accommodates chemically and physically aggressive media

Is not restricted by density magnitude changes

Remote support and updates

Low maintenance device – integrates into existing system

Compensates for changes in temperature, pressure and vibration

Specifications Overview: Core Features

Accuracy | ± 1% of reading; field spec

Selectable Display Options

PIN-Secured configuration & calibration menu

Remote Interface (HMI)

Remote Support & Upgrades

4-20 mA Output

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