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The CIP System – Within the F&B Industry

In food manufacturing, cleaning-in-place or the CIP system is a standard component for ensuring reliable and efficient adherence to quality standards. The requirements placed on sensors, used for process control, are particularly high in the food and beverage industry.  They are tailored solutions for optimizing the CIP process, using turbidity and conductivity sensors. What is […]

Morton Control’s Product Brief – Sensotech –  LiquiSonic® Plato

  For use in the beverage industry, the LiquiSonic® Plato inline analytical technology works well with wort boilers, wort coolers, filtration, blending, filler and mixed and soft drinks processes. The LiquiSonic® Plato system is an inline analytical system based on most advanced technologies. By the precise and temperature-compensated measurement of the absolute sonic velocity the concentration […]

Sensotech – Steel and Rolling Mills

In the steel production, Sensotech uses the LiquiSonic® measuring technology, which optimizes operations.  The reason, briefly, for using this technology is because of the possibility of saving chemicals, such as acids and cooling lubricants, without influencing the surface finish negatively. We will explain the following processes in this blog: Pickling and Acid Regeneration. To catch […]

History Around Coal Mining

We love a little bit of history, and coal mining has an interesting tale to be told. One of the largest mining industries, mining for coal started out in the 18th century and boomed all the way to the 1950’s.  Although maybe not as huge as some other mined commodities, coal is still a valuable […]

UWT Level Control’s Measuring principles for level detection / level measurement

The measurement methods that UWT distinguish between are, Level Detection and Continuous Level Measurement. Level detection is used to measure a predefined fill level, and continuous level measurement is the continuous checking of the level of the medium in a silo or a hopper. The different measuring principles which are used in the field of level measurement technology […]

Sensotech – LiquiSonic® Online Bath Monitor

The Sensotech LiquiSonic® Online Bath Monitor is a high sophisticated liquid analyser that is based on modern technologies and a comfortable operation. Measuring precisely the temperature-compensated sonic velocity directly in the bath or pipe, the analyser determines continuously and in real time the concentration and contamination degree in cleaning or surface treatment baths. The system […]

The HM-E AND HMP-E FLOW METER VERY VERSATILE – brought to us by Anderson-Negele

  Anderson-Negele’s HM-E and HMP-E Flow Meters can be used successfully in applications without conductivity, such as: oil measurement (careful: particles / viscosity) water: reverse osmosis water i.e. in soft drink production, condensate, pharma WFI (water for injection) and others where ever it can replace mass flow Dairy For water batching For water control (hose […]

THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY – Critical Monitoring is Needed

Did you know that Morton Controls supports and are suppliers to the Life Sciences Industry too? A little on the Life Sciences Industry The Life Sciences industry, namely that concerning botany, microbiology, biochemistry, biology, zoology, and physiology, requires a high level of regulation. Acquiring the correct instrumentation that is both reliable and accurate is of […]

SENSOTECH – In liquids, we set the measure

Morton Controls are proud to announce we are now the sole agents and suppliers for SensoTech GmbH in Southern Africa. With their headquarters in Magdeburg-Barleben, Germany, SensoTech have been application specialists for over 20 years for inline analytical technology. Their bench mark has been to produce quality analytical instrumentation covering the following bases: Their project […]