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The Emergency Vent Scrubber – why it’s important to monitor

WHY THE EMERGENCY VENT SCRUBBER Within the chemical industry, it is important to get rid of environmentally hazardous or toxic gases and vapours.  And, this is where the Emergency Vent Scrubber comes into play. Typical gasses and vapours that are removed are chlorine, bromine, phosgene, sulfur dioxide, NOx, HF and ammonia. HOW DOES IT WORK? […]

Four-beam technology from Quadbeam

As the engineer or plant manager, you need to ensure that you constantly reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver excellent quality to your customers. Quadbeam Technologies offers us the Four-Beam Technology where they can ensure your operations perform at the best they can.   What is the Four-Beam Technology all about? The Four-Beam alternating light […]

Solutions with the Rotating Paddle Switch Rotovino

The Rotovino from UWT is a real All-Rounder! For point level measurement within different processes, UWT can supply an extensive range of high quality rotary paddle switches. Weighing Storing Dosing Mixing Cooling Crushing Packing Dependent on your need, the Rotovino from UWT can be used for either full, demand or empty detector in storage silos and process […]

The Hygienic Turbine Flow Meter

In the food and pharmaceutical industries alike, it is vital that hygiene be top of mind.  Ensuring that the end product is safe from any possible cross contaminations, disease and harsh chemicals, means installing the proper equipment in the various processes.  One needs to be able to rely on the instrumentation, so to produce a […]

Quadbeam’s T30 In Line Process Turbidity Meter

Quadbeam offers us 2 models, namely: IMMERSION: T30-IMM HYGIENIC: T30-3HY The T30 Turbidity Meter is a unique Turbidity Meter.  As an In-Line process instrument, it utilises four beam ratio-metric technology, along with both Attenuated and 90º Scattered NIR. This makes it a very reliable, accurate and repeatable instrument, giving it better control in its range […]

PRODUCT FOCUS – Quadbeam’s MXD75 Multichannel Transmitter – Surface Mount

The MXD75 is an innovative and sophisticated multi-channel transmitter that can have up to 3 sensors running independently in any combination of Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Conductivity, pH/Redox & DO.  The clear LCD display will show you all three.  5 tactile feedback, micro-switched, silicone buttons help make interface simple and easy to use. The base model […]

PRODUCT FOCUS – Anderson-Negele’s Turbidity Sensors ITM-4DW

What are Anderson-Negele’s Turbidity Sensors used for? Turbidity measurement in the range of 0…5000 NTU or 0…1250 EBC Suitable for process and drinking water applications Some Application Examples? Fresh water monitoring in the beverage industry Water/wastewater monitoring, e.g. in dairies Coolant circuit monitoring Hygienic Design / Process Connection CIP/SIP cleaning up to 130 °C Stainless […]

The Mining Industry is Booming!

If you are not using quality components in the mining industry, then you are going to miss out. Quadbeam’s sensors are top drawer and here is why: Quadbeam Technologies Sensors are products that can be relied on, due to its accurate, rugged construction, and repeatable signal. It’s excellent performance means you have control of Suspended […]

The Metal Industry & Sensotech

The metal industry offers its own set of challenges.  Sensotech has the know-how and solutions.  The Applications The analyzer LiquiSonic® has many applications in the metal industry: concentration measurement in pickling baths concentration measurement of rolling and cutting oil emulsions acid regeneration electrolytic galvanizing roller chrome plating SensoTech analyzers are ideal instruments for the rugged […]

Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 Ex

Measuring can be so simple: Sensotech’s sensors have no moving parts that can wear out or age, they are completely maintenance-free and feature a robust and completely enclosed design that does not require gaskets, moveable parts or “optical windows” to the process.  The Sensotech Immersion Sensor 40-40 covers all these bases. Sensotech do not compromise […]