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Hygienic limit switches for processes

Hygienic limit switches for processes February 2020 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration Process and storage vessels incorporate Hygienic limit switches to prevent overfilling of a tank or vessel (full indicator) or dry running of a pump (empty indicator). Anderson-Negele’s NCS series are ideally suited for the reliable measurement of limits in media with low water content, such […]

Rotary paddle switch – Level Measurement & Control

Rotary paddle switch with rope extension for point level measurement in silos February 2020 Level Measurement & Control Limit detection is required in most silos and containers to avoid overfilling or unnecessary downtime. The sensor needs to deal with an assortment of process conditions within a wide range of industries. Contingent upon the necessities, the RotoNivo […]

High-speed level measurement

High-speed level measurement February 2020 Level Measurement & Control Morton Controls in partnership with Anderson-Negele has introduced the innovative NSL-F High-speed level measurement sensor based on a modular device platform. The new platform strategy used with this sensor is based on a building-block principle that offers great flexibility in the assembly of individual sensor components. Users […]