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UWT’s Nivoradar in a chemical storage tank

The challenge: A fertilizer producer requires a solution to control high precision measurement of sulfuric acid in 4-meter tanks. Due to the material being highly corrosive, chemical resistance was vital when selecting the process material.  Quick signal response and accuracy were also important as the instrument should control subsequent processes. The solution: UWT has a […]

Capacitance point level detection in liquid naphthalene

Capacitance point level detection in liquid naphthalene – A point level measurement to avoid overfilling or emptying is required in almost all process containers today. In the chemical industry, sensors are usually exposed to aggressive, adhesive, or caustic materials. The measurement technology must deal with high temperatures, varying DK values, and viscosity fast and efficiently. […]

UWT solution in animal feed

UWT solution in animal feed – Capacitive measuring sensors are the all-rounders amongst limit switches as they have the highest application performance in the basic version. They can be found in overfill protection as well as the demand and empty indicators in process or storage vessels as well as in leakage monitoring and interface detection […]

Agriculture, food, beverage & pharmaceutical – Clean in place (CIP) solutions

Project: CIP installation planning and construction A complete sensor system for efficient certified and approved CIP cleaning for a prominent company specializing in the transport and logistics of liquid food. The application The CIP system consists of four tanks for freshwater, cleaning agents, returns and wastewater and the parallel cleaning system for up to three […]

OIL & GAS – Refinery automation

PHASE SEPARATION SensoTech’s LiquiSonic® is an inline analytical system for determining the concentration in liquids directly in the running process without delay. The device is based on meticulous measurement of the absolute sonic velocity and process temperature allowing for the detection of phase transitions.  Phase separation in pipelines The accurate detection of various phases in […]

Content measurement in Silos and storage hoppers remastered

UWT has taken the old-time rock ‘n roll method of content measurement in Silos and storage hoppers and remastered it to perfection, enabling seamless integration with our modern-day control systems and PLC’s. The UWT NivoBob continuous level measurement system offers a high-tech Approach version of a simple and very reliable measurement principal: The basic working […]

Reliable empty alarm in cosmetics tank

Economy and ecology in harmony through automatic monitoring of the filling line – Reliable empty alarm in cosmetics tank with NCS-L-12/18    For over 60 years, the French brand Yves Rocher has been synonymous with high-quality cosmetics based on vegetable raw materials. The company is strongly committed to ecological issues and biodiversity. Even small factors […]

UWT’s Rotary Paddle switch for point level measurement

UWT’s Rotary Paddle switch Rotonivo® RN 3002 with rope extension for point level measurement Limit detection is required in most silos and containers to avoid overfilling or unnecessary downtime. The sensor needs to deal with an assortment of process conditions within a wide range of industries. Contingent upon the necessities, the Rotonivo® rotary paddle switch […]

Anderson-Negele provides application-specific hygienic Sensor solutions

Morton Controls in partnership with  Anderson-Negele provides application-specific hygienic sensor solutions and support for safe processing in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical markets. TFP-164 Flush Temperature Sensors – Temperature Measurement in vessels and pipes with flush Hygienic process fitting. APPLICATIONS: Applications include monitoring of temperature measurement in vessels with agitators and stirrers and in pipes where […]