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Save time and money with Quadbeams suspended solids sensor/turbidity meter

Quadbeam Technologies’ Stormwater and Wastewater Sensor, the SWW, is a unique suspended solids sensor/turbidity meter.  The intended use of the S20-SWW and S40-SWW sensors is the continuous monitoring of Suspended Solids concentration in a non-hygienic industrial, stormwater, raw water or wastewater installation. Quadbeam uses the four beam alternating light ratio-metric system of measurement for its […]


CIP-cleaning in the food processing industry CIP-cleaning facilities are primarily used in those installations wherever supreme necessities are demanded for hygiene and product safety, such as dairies, breweries and in food production. Throughout this process the complete production facility, including tanks and conducts, are purged and rinsed with cleaning agents and water in several cycles.  […]

Anderson-Negele’s NCS-M Capacitive Level Sensor with the MPI-300 programming adapter

  In combination with theMPI-300 USB programming adapter, the NCS-M sensor can be individually adapted to the application used by the customer. In addition to setting the device to the appropriate medium, switching threshold, hysteresis and time delay can also be individually configured.   Application examples of the capacitive level sensor: Limit detection in vessels or […]

How to get the most from your Feed Plant

How to get the most from your Feed Plant UWT in partnership with Morton Controls have the solutions for the Animal Feed Industry The process and storage environments within the feed industry sector often have factors such as moisture, vapor and fat to consider which cause the materials to have caking tendencies.  In order to […]

Anderson Negele’s ILM-4 conductivity sensor with IO-Link

Conductivity sensor with IO-Link The ILM-4 conductivity sensor with IO-Link is a big step to industry 4.0 in hygienic process technology. Proven industry standard now also for hygienic and aseptic applications IO-Link offers advantages in process control and monitoring. The ILM-4 conductivity sensor, the first of a whole range of measuring instruments to be equipped […]


Morton Controls introduces Anderson-Negele’s new P41 pressure sensor with temperature compensation providing a quality, robust and cost-effective pressure and level measurement solution. Pressure sensors for level measurement Anderson-Negele’s new P41 pressure sensor compliments the range of pressure sensors from Anderson-Negele being the D3, L3, LAR, DAN-HH, PFS and P41. With our comprehensive range of sensors […]


PETROCHEMISTRY   CHLORINE-ALKALI ELECTROLYSIS The chlorine-alkali electrolysis is an important procedure in the chemical industry. The products chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda are generated from sodium chloride. There are three manufacturing methods: the diaphragm, the membrane and the amalgam process. The LiquiSonic® analyzer provides an advantageous utilization in the varied process steps of the […]

Efficient silo management for smooth process flow

Efficient silo management for smooth process flow The electromechanical Lot system Nivobob® 4000 is equipped with a Modbus function which allows easy connection to visualization systems, thus providing an economic silo management solution.   Multifunctional unit for discontinuous level monitoring in bulk goods   The electromechanical measurement device is an invaluable instrument in the field […]