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Anderson-Negele formally known as Negele Messtechnik GmbH is represented by Morton Controls in South Africa

Anderson-Negele formally known as Negele Messtechnik GmbH, represented by South Africa’s Morton Controls – is a global technology leader in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. In 2004, Negele Messtechnik GmbH Germany joined the USA-based Anderson Instrument Company and is now known globally as Anderson-Negele.

Morton Controls’ exclusive distributorship for Anderson-Negele, UWT and Quadbeam in Southern Africa

Morton Controls was established in 1996 and specialise in the field of Instrumentation, process control for Factory Automation. Morton Controls represents top Companies in Southern Africa with an exclusive distributorship for Anderson – Negele, UWT and Quadbeam in Southern Africa. Morton Controls representing Anderson-Negele in South Africa, specialises in temperature, level, pressure, flow, conductivity and turbidity. Anderson-Negele is a Company which adheres to International standards for the hygienic market such as, EHEDG, 3A & FDA approvals. All Anderson-Negele instrumentation is manufactured entirely of high-grade stainless steel for the hygienic market, in which Morton Controls specialise.

South Africa’s Morton Controls and Anderson-Negele offer sensors for temperature measurement, as well as level and flow measurement

For applications in the food and beverage, dairy, brewery and life sciences industries, South Africa‘s Morton Controls and Anderson-Negele offer sensors for temperature measurement in supply tanks and buffer containers, full and empty monitoring in tanks and pipes, monitoring of filling levels in storage tanks, monitoring of CIP and SIP applications, overflow and dry-running protection in tanks and pipes and monitoring of process pressure and flow. The TFP temperature sensors are used in a wide range of applications with high accuracy and fast response.

Level is measured either continuously or by point switching by using either the NSL and LAR ranges or NCS or NVS level. Anderson-Negele pressure sensors and gauges (MAN-63, PFS, DAN-HH) are optimised for the high levels of the hygienic industry. Anderson-Negele has developed different sensors for flow measurement such as the FWS and FTS for flow switching or the FWA, FMI, FMQ and HMP-E for continuous flow measurement.

Conductivity Measurement via ILM-4 Conductivity Sensors | Morton Control South Africa, Anderson Negele

The ILM-4 conductivity sensors are cost effective and can measure conductivity up to 999 mS/cm for applications such as CIP, SIP and process liquids monitoring and measurement. Anderson-Negele offers turbidity sensors with different measuring methods for most applications such as phase separation using the ITM-3 or the control of fresh water using the ITM-4.

Anderson-Negele offers a wide range of different process connections suited for the hygienic market in South Africa

Morton Controls and Anderson-Negele in South Africa – offer a wide range of different process connections suited for the hygienic market. CLEANadapt and FLEXadapt are suited for the food and beverage Industry, while PHARMadapt ESP, EPA and CPM are well suited for the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Morton Controls and Anderson-Negele strive to be recognised as a leader in the hygienic process and instrumentation field to provide solutions and services for processors for food and beverage and pharmaceutical Industries.